Randall Church Coronavirus Update as of 8pm, March 16th

Good evening everyone. After meeting today with the Pastoral Team and key Elder leadership of the church, we are prepared to share this update as of 8pm Monday, March 16th. These steps are intended to be activated through Easter Sunday, when Lord willing we will be able to come together and gather again in-person somehow, in a form yet to be determined. 

We want you to know that we went through as many different solutions we could articulate with one another, and here is what we arrived with as our action plan to move forward. In all of upheaval, we wanted to be cognizant that the DNA of God's church remains intact, even if our situations change. Jesus still remains on the throne!

God's Mission For All His People: 
 - We glorify God (Up) by making disciples (In) of all nations (Out). 

Our Church's DNA Vision: 
 - We desire for every man, woman, and child to find their place (Upward) in Christ, (Inward) in the Church, and (Outward) in the Community.  

Our Church's Strategy:
Upward: Will we be gathering in-person on Sundays?
- No, our facility will be closed to gathering in-person. Instead we are tailoring our 10:15 worship experience for the Facebook Live platform. 

Inward: Will our Sunday morning or midweek groups continue to meet?
- No, we will not have in-person gatherings during the week. We will be initiating groups online 2-3 times a week led by our pastors. Our desire is to have interactive content available for each age demographic. 

Outward: Will we stop all of our church's outreach efforts?
- Not entirely. Presence projects already in motion will be redefined to match community concerns, particularly those related to providing wrap-around services for those most vulnerable during a crisis.
Support: Where do we go for assistance if we need it?
 - Congregational Care is being prioritized through our Care Corridors. We are working now to retrain and reorganize our deacons, and deacons in training, to assist our Elder Leadership Team in meeting needs as they grow.  
 - Our facility use will be limited to office personnel and church leadership at this time. Similarly, all facility rentals have been suspended indefinitely until we can be safe in doing so for everyone .
 - We do anticipate an elevated number of benevolence requests during the coming weeks. Know that we have a care fund stocked away for such as time as this, and believe God has called us to use it wisely. We trust God will provide for all of our needs.

Lord we call on you. We don't understand all of what is going on, but we trust that you are not surprised by any of it. Guide us in these rough seas as we navigate life together. Amen!

- Pastor Milo 
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