Staying Productive During COVID-19

After announcing that all of our church programs and gatherings were going virtual until at least Easter this year, I received an email from a church member, April Lotempio, this week that was very helpful. I’d like to share it with you!

I've been working from home in a very solitary career as a writer for seven years now. Here's what I've learned about navigating the ups and downs of so much time at home...

1. Start your day - Wake up with an alarm clock if necessary. It doesn't have to be as early as your typical work/school day, but get up! Shower, get dressed, brush your teeth, and make the bed. Don't fall into the endless morning slog of pajamas and bedhead.

2. Stick to a schedule - While normal activities have fallen away, you can still make a general plan for the day. Knowing that this hour is for "organize the closet" and then next two are for "help kids with schoolwork" keeps the day from becoming monotonous and slow-moving.

3. Turn off the TV - Life doesn't need more "background noise." Schedule the time you'll relax with TV or tablet, keep it limited, and don't overdo it on the news.

4. Get with God - Have you recently lamented a lack of time to spend with the Lord? Now you've got it! If your mornings have been too hectic and your schedule too full, now is the time to prioritize a daily spiritual practice. After all, there's plenty to pray for right now.

5. Exercise - Do something daily to move your body. Get outside if you can. Be sure to put it on your schedule, or you'll find that "later" becomes never.

6. Eat normally - You're stuck home with a fully-stocked kitchen. It can be easy to snack all day, but that will leave you feeling lethargic. Stick to regular meal times, and plan your snacks ahead of time if that helps. 

7. Reach out - Thanks to technology, social isolation doesn't have to be so isolating. Call, video, or text a friend. Contact the ones you need and the ones who need you. 

Remember Newton's First Law of Motion: an object in motion tends to stay in motion; an object at rest tends to stay at rest. If you start snacking, you'll likely keep snacking. If you start watching TV, you'll likely keep watching. If you start reading a chapter in your Bible, you'll likely finish it. Put this law to work for you (instead of against you) by starting the things that will be most beneficial. 

In a few weeks or a few months (we pray) life will return to normal. When that happens, I’d like to be able to look back on this time as one that was productive. Not only for home, but for ministry. Across history, God has used extreme situations to call his people out of their comfort zone. In each of those seasons, the Gospel continues to ring out! Let’s be a beacon of hope for our community to see! 

Until we meet again...

- Pastor Milo

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  1. Such amazing words by an amazing friend. I miss you guys more than you will ever know. I need to do better with my walk. Much love love to your family.