Re-Gather & Re-Set

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a difficult season for our country and community in so many ways, not the least of which, was the ensuing conditions that became the perfect storm for heightened tensions and a boiling over of racial unrest across our nation. 

For many of us, one of the most difficult things has been the inability to meet together as the church to worship, fellowship, and grow together... and during these unprecedented times; mourn and lament together. We've processed things from screen to screen as well as we we know how, but have really longed for the opportunity to be with one another once again. 

There is no doubt that as a leadership team, we've missed one another, and therefore we believe it is now time for us to start doing what we can to "regather" as God's people - even if it will still be a little out of the ordinary and may require a little more planning, work, and inconvenience than our normal experience.  

Similarly, we are not only hoping to "regather," but also to "reset" some of the social norms, and the standard practices of churches like our own, so we can be more intentional about communicating the Gospel of Jesus Christ to people of every nation, every tongue, and every tribe. However it may be that the Lord would have us to do so, our Elder board is committed to exploring ways to "regather" and "reset" well; so that the love of Christ shines through. Pray for us, as we pursue God's will together.  

In all things, we will still be cautious. We will still be wise. We will still miss the comfort of routine and ritual for a while. But above all, we will still be a  community of worshippers who need to be together, sing together, hear the word of God together, and remember together what great things He has done for us. To God be the Glory!

You will be required to PRE-REGISTER for a pew this coming Sunday. 
We ask you to reserve one pew / one family unit. 

RSVP for either the 9 AM or the 11 AM service at

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-Pastor Milo


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