The Fusion of the Analog and Digital Church

In the music industry over the past 3-5 years, there has been a spectacular mixture of sounds created both with digital instruments and keyboards controlled by some type of computer technology, and sounds created by analog instruments and noise makers involving physical strings, drums and toms, hammer action pianos, and unaltered human voices. The result is something wildly unique and beautiful.

In the church over the last 2,000 years, our worship services have been obviously been dominated by analog sounds and live persons, places, and things. The digital age has changed and modernized a lot of that experience gradually, but Covid-19, like nothing else before it, moved millions of people and churches like our own to gather together virtually and digitally, rather than in-person, and on-site. 

Now, we have begun the process of re-gathering again. It is so good to connect with each other in person, and hear one another’s voices in the analog world. But let us not lose some of the things that we have gained over the last months. For many, the digital platform has been one where inviting friends to church has not only been convenient, its been receptive. All around the country we are hearing stories of those far from Christ being drawn near to Him through the relatively new, (in the grand scheme of things) digital church platform.

As we enter this new season for our church, some have referred to it as the “new abnormal.” While this true, let us find ways to write new songs, and make beautiful new music together. The Church is God’s beautiful bride. The truth of the Gospel is as compelling in a digital world as it is in an analog space. We look forward to the digital and analog fusion of worshipping together with you again this weekend at!

Lord, teach us to to shine your light wherever we are!

- Pastor Milo


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