Keep It Simple: D-Groups

Our family just returned from a week of camping up the the Adirondacks. It was a very beautiful time, where limb-wood for a fire was plentiful, black flies were at a minimal, and cell coverage was just non-existent all-together. We had an absolutely wonderful time! Every family member read at least one book, and everyone of us took at least one shower. Like I said... It was paradise! We had experienced a lot more, by doing a lot less. 
Similarly, I’d like to encourage you to take a look at what we are promoting for our church this fall. We have an opportunity before us to experience our Savior a lot more at Randall Church this year, by doing a lot less. If the year 2020 has taught us anything, it is that we are all able to create complexity, where none is needed. Let’s not do that. Let’s keep it simple. How, you ask? Let me be very specific. 
When everywhere you look right now, particularly in our schools systems and workplaces, people are scrambling to get their footing; we want you to be able to confidently find your place. Specifically, we want each of you to find your place in a Discipleship Group (D-Groups) this fall. 
 1. D-Groups consist of 3-5 people meeting in-person or on-line. 
 2. D-Groups meet 2-4 times a month and last for about an hour. 
 3. D-Groups facilitate growth in Christ, in the Church, and in the Community. 
 4. D-Groups are specifically “Covid-proof” and yet spiritually timeless. 

Keep it simple. Keep it real. Find your place today at

..and for the sake of everyone joining in my D-Group, virtual or not, I suppose I’ll commit to take a shower from time to time! 
-Pastor Milo



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