God’s Economy vs. Man’s Economy


Today my head is in the clouds. As I type these words, the “beep, beep” sound of construction equipment coming back and forth across the exterior window fills my office. The windows rattle from time to time, when another heavy chunk of old asphalt is lifted and dropped into the bed of one of the 4 large red dump trucks  as the come and go all afternoon. Today my head is in the clouds, because our parking lot is being milled and re-paved, and it isn’t costing us a thing!

You see, in man’s economy we have an understanding. The understanding is that you have to have money to function. You have to have money to purchase things. You have to have money to get things done. That’s why man’s economy bends itself over backwards and twists itself into knots for the pursuit of money. But God’s economy doesn’t work that way! God doesn’t need man’s money to do what He wills!

We have been blessed with a moderately large facility at Randall Church, and while it is a privilege to steward these type of resources, it is also a heavy burden to maintain and care for what God has given to us through the sacrifice and sweat equity of generations of faith before us. How will we be able to provide for it all? Our congregation is not nearly the size that it once was, and the costly task of maintaining aging facilities doesn’t get easier with time; it gets harder every day!

But we worship the God of the universe. We serve the owner of a cattle on a thousand hills! In this case, He decided to go ahead and place a medical facility on the hill next to ours. Thank you Jesus! Over the last few years, we were able to structure a Shared parking lot plan where they utilize our back lot throughout the week for their medical personnel, in exchange for plow service in the wintertime, and a parking lot maintenance schedule in the summertime. In summation over the last 18-24 months, culminating in this latest project, that agreement has totaled nearly a quarter million dollars! Our God is SO, SO, GOOD!

We live in a world that is confusing and chaotic right now. Covid19 has taken us all for a wild ride to be sure. But be reminded today that our God will protect, our God will sustain, and our God will provide. We don’t need to be afraid! If He cares enough for us to drop a construction crew and a half dozen red dump trucks in our parking lot, don’t you think He will make sure that His missionaries around the world, and His ministry efforts in our community will be protected as well?

Thank you Jesus! Thank you for a parking lot yes; but thank you for never leaving us or forsaking us. To God be the Glory, great things HE HAS DONE!

- Pastor Milo



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