Some Good News!

Actor, writer, director, and producer John Krasinski took the internet by storm a few months ago by launching a weekly YouTube series called “Some Good News,” in which he highlighted only “good news” stories from around the world while also bringing joy in the form of The Office reunions and surprise Hamilton performances. Have you seen it? Maybe you should.

This week, schools around the country began their re-opening process. This time of year is always full of anxiety for families, young people and parents alike, as decisions have to be made regarding after school programs and extracurricular activities, and shopping carts are filled with potentially unnecessary back-to-school supplies. This is in a normal year. In a Covid-19 year however, anxiety’s tension can be cut with knife. 

There are hundreds of tough decisions that will need to be made this week for schools, churches, and day care centers and each of them has a ripple effect for businesses effectiveness, our overall economic recovery, not to mention the certain implications regarding our communities and it’s public health. Krasinski‘s SGN was born out of a desire to share the good stories you might not see in the news. He says: “Today we believe it's more important than ever to highlight the people who are using their voice to stand alongside their neighbors. We are your source for good news stories from around the world.” 
To be fair, I really love what this host has created, and SGN is a lot of fun! But isn’t there already something in place that is supposed to be sharing good news all over the world? There is! It’s you! Then Jesus said to them, "So wherever you go in the world, tell everyone the Good News. Mark 16:15. 
At Randall Church, we can tell you some really great stories. How this week some of our men came together to install flooring in the home of someone unable to do it themselves, and unable to hire someone to do it. How this month our church was positioned to help someone get into a safe rental situation, rather than living week-to-week in a hotel room. How this spring our church assisted a disabled man living in subsidized housing in procuring a reliable vehicle after his wife passed away and he lost everything. We have plenty of good stories to share! But let us not miss the opportunity to share the Good News of Jesus Christ; the best news of all! 
This is an opportunity, friends. When everything around is unstable, and all hope is lost, we have an anchor... firm and secure: Jesus Christ. When we repent of our sin, Christ is faithful to show us a new way to live! When we repent from putting all those worries and concern above Christ in our prioritization plans, he is faithful to give us a peace that passes all understanding! When we repent from living in a spirit of fear, Christ is faithful to give us a spirit of power, and love, and self-control! 

 That, is the best news I’ve ever  heard! Isn’t it for you? Have you shared it with anyone? 

 - Pastor Milo


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