Update: Family Pastor Search

Hey everyone. Happy Thursday to you all. There has been a lot going on in our church, and a lot to keep up with in the world… so we haven't talked about where we stand in our Family Pastor search process in a while.

If you are wondering, yes, the position is still available, and we are still hoping to find the right candidate for the role that God would ultimately have for us. Because the timing has stretched out much longer than expected, we have made other adjustments to accommodate for an extended interim role for those leadership positions involved in both Children and Youth ministries, but the search has still been pressing forward.

We started the search process last March, when we were told by Pastor Mario that he would be stepping down and moving away from WNY. He wasn't sure at the time where he would end up, but as you know, he is now in Louisville Kentucky pursuing his seminary degree as a full-time resident student.

In March, we began putting feelers out and receiving resumes for the position of Family Pastor. We held some meetings to hear from you, as well as clarify for those interested in learning the distinctive ministry focus points of someone on pastoral staff dedicated to a family ministry role, rather than a combination role of music and youth, or youth and outreach.

We went through the first round of candidates and finished that search process in July of 2021. We had narrowed down our field to 1-2 candidates, but came to a stop when the interested parties ended up withdrawing their applications from consideration. Because I would be on sabbatical for a portion of the summer, we decided to return in the fall with a 2nd round of candidates, as well as some updates to the family pastor search team.

The second round of resumes came in throughout the fall, narrowing down again to 1-2 primary candidates by the month of December in which we found to be a suitable match for the role we believe God has for us in the future here. As it stands, one of those candidates has put their own resume on hold for the foreseeable future while shepherding through a difficult situation with his family. The other candidate is still communicating well with our team, and is working through finding clarity with God on calling. Not a calling to pastoral ministry, but in a specific calling to come here, to Randall Church in Buffalo, NY.

So thats where things stand currently. We are in prayer that one of these two individuals might be the right fit for our church and our context. To this point, we have not yet felt God's prompting to move forward into a round three of resumes and job postings. Not yet, anyway. We trust God will make that clear if that is what we are supposed to do. Please continue to pray for us as we go. The next generation of missionaries, pastors,

We can make our plans. May God direct our paths.

- Pastor Milo


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