Represent Christ!

 What a beautiful day it is! 

I was out very early this morning before the sun came out, and the moon was shining full and bright. I stood for a moment in my driveway, mesmerized by the beauty of the creation of God. I was taken back by the way that our human eyes capture what even the best camera lense misses at the periphery. God’s creation is tremendous to behold, and it fills me with awe and wonder.

This afternoon, I look out and see God’s wonderful creation once again. Blue skies fill the window in my office, and the sidewalks out along the street have been crowded all afternoon with people basking in the rays of sunshine. Spring has sprung, and even if we get another cold snap or two before the month comes to an end, we know it it is only temporary. The facts of life are demonstrating themselves all around us. God keep the balance of things in motion. The seasons are changing. New life is budding all around the world. Can you see it? Can you hear the sounds? Of course you can!

Today, when you walk around your neighborhood, when you see the people on your street you haven’t been around since the kids went trick-or-treating, this: let your light shine. Just like the sun shines on us this afternoon. Just like the full moon shines over the earth on a crisp clear morning. You are to be a city on a hill for the sake of Christ. 

“Whatever you do or so, do it as a representative of the Lord Jesus.”
Colossians 3:17. 

Represent Christ!
- Pastor Milo



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