Weep With Those Who Weep

Today is a day our family doesn't forget. Today is the day that our son Josiah was born in 2009. He was born with only three chambers in his little heart, but with a big fight in his belly. After a series of surgeries, procedures, and sleepless nights, Josiah passed away 249 days later in January of 2010. Our family was blessed to have every moment we had with him.

Last weekend, here in Buffalo, our city was the recipient of a horrific mass shooting that took the lives of 10 members of our city of good neighbors.  It's all over the headline news right now, but I want to write it down, so that my memory doesn't fade on the context of the day when I look back years later.

We took our kids out of school for a couple hours apiece this morning, and served the people in our city hurting the most right now, very much in the same way that complete strangers served us during our grief, all those years ago. It was good to be the hands and feet of Christ today. It was good to work. It was good to pray. It was good to cry.

If you are interested in serving to support the community we love, there are many ways people are coming together. Here are a few we know about that have local presence on the ground.

North Buffalo Community Church
Fillmore Community Church
Faithful Stones Fellowship
Buffalo Community Fridge
Buffalo Resource Council 

Rejoice with those who rejoice; mourn with those who mourn. Live in harmony with one another. Romans 5:12-13

- Pastor Milo



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