Should Organizations Even Bother With An Annual Meeting?

Early in my ministry I was involved in a ultra-committee-led Baptist church that liked to have business meetings, and liked to have them often. They also liked to debate and argue the most bizarre of issues. The church was small, and their budget was small, so they felt everything should get voted on. The worst situation I remember was a contested church-wide vote on whether the new ice machine in the kitchen would have cubed ice or be a crushed ice machine instead... ...seriously.

When it comes to setting the agenda for the year ahead, organizations have few better opportunities than the annual meeting. There is an incredible opportunity to celebrate what has been going well, to reflect on areas within the organization for improvement, to reconnect with the dedicated core, and to create momentum and buy-in for the future.

As we have announced publicly over the last few weeks, June 12th is our annual meeting at Randall Church immediately following a friends and family meal after the Sunday worship gathering. Only Randall membership will be permitted to vote, but all are encouraged to attend. For those who are interested, Elder Keith Tyson will be available Friday evening at Randall with copies of the Annual Report from 2015-2016 for those who like to review it in advance. Join us Sunday June 12th, as we discuss what God is already up to in WNY, and how we can join Him on mission as followers of Christ. We truly believe, the best is yet to come!

Milo Wilson


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