Support for Congregational Care

As most of you know, my immediate family went through an extended stay in the ICU with our son Josiah for most of the 2009 year. The hospital was 200 miles away from home, in an expensive city to find anywhere to stay. In that season of our lives, we found overwhelming support from our church family and friends that gave us the ability to be near our son during a very complicated time.

Through this experience, I became very aware of a new world. A world where family crisis trumps everything. Many family breadwinners quit their jobs to be by their child's side in the ICU. Many families let their homes go into foreclosure, because the house was not nearly as important as taking care of family. Crisis can strike anyone at any time. We shared space in the Ronald McDonald house with business executives, as well as scared high school aged single moms. What we all had in common was crisis. What we all needed was a support system, a safety net.

I have found that many situations are not as extreme as what I just described, but the need for support is just as real. When times are tough, will the church be able to respond to the need? I believe we can. Practically speaking, we do this at Randall Church through something called the Congregational Care Fund. Monthly, on the first Sunday of the month, ushers collect a second offering above and beyond your regular giving on the way out of the worship gathering specifically for the purpose of meeting this type of need. Through your generous donations and to Randall Church's Congregational Care Fund, we can quietly and confidentially provide care and assistance for those who may be in crisis and experiencing financial hardship. 

Thank you in advance for your involvement! Thank you in advance for providing a support system for those who need it most!

Milo Wilson


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